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Welcome to Hi Mommy!

My name is Sabrina Lily, and I am also a mother. It is my desire to help mommies and daddies like you to be the best parent you can be so this site aims to provide you tips, advice and valuable information to raise smart and caring children.

HiMommy.Net is a comprehensive yet, an easy-to-read source of what every parent need to know. Here you can find a variety of articles that cover significant aspects of pregnancy, parenting, baby care, health, and nutrition.

I know how it is to become a first-time parent as I experienced it too so I gather essential tips, ideas and suggestions from the experts to come up with the best articles and product reviews in child development, parenthood, values formation and even the best baby gears in the market today!

Our Mission

It is Hi Mommy’s mission to become your go-to site for essential information regarding caring and raising a child all around the world. We will also be on the lookout for the products and services related to you and your child’s learning, entertainment, health, development and family activities.

Here you can connect with other moms and dads in our comment section, access other useful websites and get the answers from professional experts in various fields. I will continue promoting healthy development to enable young children to reach their full potentials to lead a successful life

What Else You Will Find Here

This site invigorates positive parent-child relationships and fostering open communication. Likewise, you can find diverse information and ideas about the following;


Millennial parents will know the lowdown on pregnancy and childbirth. We will give you the stage-by-stage contents; teach you how to use available interactive tools with experts’ advice to help you enjoy your pregnancy journey.

We’ll get you cover from pregnancy symptoms, maternity issues, having a safe delivery to newborn care by engaging you in our topics linked to the latest researches and answers from various health experts. We also seek to increase awareness of related pregnancy issues and offer necessary materials to address your queries.

Milestone Guide

You and your baby will achieve development milestones together and we wouldn’t want you to miss it for the world! So, we will give you pointers on what milestones will happen, when it will happen and how to determine it. The guide will enable parents to know the proper ways to stimulate further development.

Ferfect Choices For Your Baby

The market is full of baby products and services that can overwhelm parents. Marketing strategies and advertisements can be daunting, so we are here to assist you in choosing among the best.

Our reviews will help you find out which equipment, feeding bottle or baby jumpers suits your child. We’ll provide information about the product, checklists, relative reviews, and feedback. It is one of the ways to empower parents and parents-to-be.

Health And Nutrition

It is also our goal to promote healthy physical, psychological and emotional development of babies and their safety by giving you breaking news, peer advice, and relevant information. Join our discussion and be knowledgeable on how to support your child’s developmental milestones.

Let me share my first-hand experiences in nurturing my child and myself. It is vital that both parents and children are healthy and happy. HiMommy.net cannot replace the care and expertise of health professionals, but we can teach you the basics regarding the baby’s health and development.

Parenting Style

While every parenting style is unique, we would want to share with you the useful techniques so you too, can develop a style of your own. Let us empower you to encourage and support your child’s values formation and achieve a healthy emotional and social development.

Acquire new skills and techniques to enrich your child’s attitudes and reinforce healthy habits while they are still young. This site would love to make parenting a joyful and a rewarding stage for all of us parents.

Baby care

Hi, Mommy is committed to educating and reinforcing parents as they continue to become responsible for fostering confidence, love, and compassion in their offspring. You can equip yourself with a multitude of resources on this website about proper baby care.

Learn breastfeeding techniques, know how to get your child to sleep, appropriate baby foods and become knowledgeable regarding encouraging your child’s intellectual and emotional growth and share your ideas about parenthood and parenting.

Instead of what others think as chaotic and stressful, providing proper baby care is easier and attainable with the guidance and recommendations from trusted people and organizations linked to most of our articles.

And A Whole Lots More!

We won’t just focus on the “serious notes” or health and pregnancy issues. You can also read other suitable and mom-related topics such as proper wardrobe, accessories and momma stuff.

Perhaps, you also like to learn the ways to entertain your baby. We also aspire to provide fun activities and ideas for you next family event to strengthen bonds and create beautiful moments.

I am hoping that through my website, I can leave a positive impact on parents like you so if you have more questions or need to clarify things, the comment section is yours to use.

Building an Online Community of Families

More than just gaining readers and supporters, I strive to build an online community where parents-to-be, parents, families and professionals can share and gather ideas and information to the betterment of all our children.

Becoming a parent is a wonderful experience but a challenging role at the same time. HiMommy.net will guide you as you explore this new chapter of your life with, of course, a little ball of the sunshine by your side.

As the author of HiMommy.net, I will continue to impart with you the knowledge, skills, and inspirations that I have with the help and guidance of my friends and family so we can all achieve a harmonious family life.

​If you have any comment please feel free to me at Sabrina[at]himommy[dot]net.

Enjoy the ride of your life as we welcome you to parenthood!