Top 8 Car Seats to Look for this Cyber Monday

Are you looking for the best car seat Cyber Monday deal? We also do. Since the most awaited shopping day is coming near, we should narrow down our choices of baby gear right? Thus, we reviewed eight of the most trusted brand of car seat today.

The amount of money you can save and the number of discounted items during Cyber Monday are overwhelming. It is the start of shopping season before Christmas, and almost all retailers and shop owners drop their prices and offer huge deals.

To help you come up with your shortlist of car seats, here are the specifications of eight Evenflo car seats that you will need. While they are all manufactured by the same company, each has their unique features.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) ranked the Chase LX as one of the best bet boosters because it passed various federal crash tests and structural integrity tests. Take note that this should be on top of your must-have list.

Parents and babies can expect for convenience and style with its innovative headrest design, four shoulder-harness positions and other features for comfort, style, and stability.

The vehicle belt is self-adjustable according to the child’s height whenever he or she uses the booster seat. It also works as belt and harness to accommodate a growing baby through their booster years.

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We also like that it has crotch strap positions, integrated cup holders on both of its armrests, harness adjustment, head pillow and machine-washable seat pad. Since it converts to a belt-positioned booster, it suits even older or heavier children.

All in all, we can say that the Evenflo Chase LX Harnessed Booster has a superb safety profile and LATCH system that allows easy installation and ease of use.

Another comfortable car seat from Evenflo is the Tribute LX, Saturn. It is made of 100% polyester and is specifically designed to keep the child safe against a Federal crash. It features multiple shoulder harness positions, up-front harness adjustment, head pillow and buckle release.


You can use it in rear-facing mode if your child is 2-years old and below or use it in the forward-facing car seat if it is used by a toddler. The seat pads contain energy-absorbing foam liner for extra comfort.

Likewise, it has the patented LATCH system for easy installation and maintenance. We are after our children’s safety which makes the Saturn a good investment ideal for a growing baby.

This 2-in-1 Combination Harness Booster is appropriate for older children such as those preschooler and school-aged kids. It is part of various lists of the most recommended car seats because it is lightweight, safe to use, stylish and budget-friendly.

An average-sized kid can fit in its 5-point harness until they can transition to booster mode. We like that it functions as a car seat for children at least two years old and can double as a high back booster for kids over 4-years of age.

Similar to other Evenflo car seat’s it also features two cup holders for convenience, upfront harness fitting, crotch buckle positions and LATCH system.


One of the things we love about the Symphony Elite is its plushy seat. It appears more comfortable to use compared to other seats. It has an auto-retracting Sure LATCH connector system that allows you to get the safe level of tightness you prefer when you use it with minivans or SUVs.

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You are getting the quality of an all-in-one seat with just the price of one. The Symphony Elite works forward-facing, rear-facing and as a booster seat. It also has a 5-point infinite slide harness for easy and accurate adjustment to make more room for your baby. Buyers are also amazed at the Symphony's E3 side impact protection that reduces side impact crash up to 50%.

Aside from the Paramount, there are other versions of the DLX model so make sure to get yourself familiarize with its versions and specifications.

Children come in different heights and sizes, and Evenflo SureRide offers 6-harness positions to accommodate a broader range of heights it also ensures proper fit. Consumers like this convertible seat as it can keep up with the needs of a growing child.

It is a lightweight model and approved for air travel. However, it is bulky that you might have trouble installing it on a plane seat. It is ideal for newborn to preschoolers as a car seat and can be used as a seat booster whenever they are ready.


While it is a convertible seat, most users would complain that installing the SureRide is difficult. Remember that it is designed to fit kids from 5-65 lbs. Hence, it offers an extensive size range so you should also adjust the sets of the harness if you are using it with your newborn.

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Another full-featured car sat on the list is the Sonus from Evenflo. It can be used with babies from 5-40 lbs with it rear-facing option or with 22-50 lbs toddlers using the forward-facing setting.

The Sonus also features a revolutionary airflow ventilation system for a more comfortable traveling experience, up-front adjustment for perfect fitting and 5-shoulder strap positions for additional support.

Compared to other car seats, the Sonus includes a smaller set of harness loops which are suitable for babies. You just need to remove the harness and attach the smaller loops to the splitter plate. You can also use it when you are traveling via airplane with your baby.

This car seat has an 18 inch top harness slot so we can say that it is more likely to last as your children grow and enjoy their harnessed car seat riding days.

Who wouldn't love this car seat in bright pink for their little girls? The Spectrum Booster is more than just an eye candy. Aside from its sleek design and modern colors, it is also equipped with Lyf+Guard Advanced Compression Technology™ which is specifically designed to absorb impact and to reduce the risk of injuries.

It also has ergonomic armrests which make it feel like your child is sitting in an executive chair. Aside from pink, there are other plenty of colors to choose from to suit your taste.

The Spectrum is equipped with a removable back pad which allows the child to fit in the seat. Its 2-in-1 design will enable users to use as a high-back booster seat. We can say that this product takes safety to the next level with its Advanced Side Impact Protection which includes Multiple Layers of energy-absorbing materials.


Last but not the list is the All-in-One Convertible SafeMax Platinum car seat. It is ideal to use with children from 5-120 pounds with its rear-facing, forward facing and booster settings.

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Similar to other car seats from Evenflo, the SafeMax has passed rollover standard test for an extended safety for newborns and toddlers.

One impressive feature of this car seat is the ParentLink® PREMIER Service which allows users to have access to expert's advice such as video installation service with the help of a car seat technician.

Moreover, it has an impact-absorbing headrest technology, integrated steel frame, harness webbing, buckle pockets, LATCH connector and other safety features. Thus, we have many reasons to love this baby product.

The Winner

Car seat safety is crucial for parents like us, and unfortunately, some of us are not able to provide the best option for our child. Hence, the winner of this round is the Evenflo SafeMax Platinum car seat because of its various safety features.

The materials and design of this car seat reduce the risk of injury. It is entirely adjustable according to the child's height and weight and does not have an issue with installation and maintenance.

Aside from the features mentioned, the Evenflo SafeMax includes the following specifications:

  • SafeZoneTM Headrest - can absorb and dissipate crash forces for extra protection when an accident occurs
  • Outlast Performance Fabric- it aids in balancing the body temperature of your baby as the fabric can absorb hot and cold temp when needed.
  • SureSafeTM Installation- proper installation is vital in getting the most out of a car seat.
  • thumbs-o-up
    No-Rethread Harness- promotes secure and accurate fit that eliminates the need for re-threading.

Choosing the best car seat as the Cyber Monday is getting near is only part of our agenda. Aside from that, we would also like to promote safety and accuracy regarding baby gear. We should secure a safer ride for our little ones and buy the right car seat is a critical step in achieving that goal.

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