Baby Walking Topic: Everything You Need to Know

So when does a baby start walking? Apparently, it is one among the many milestones that parents and families anticipated the most. Probably, we are all excited and eagerly wait for them to take their first steps.

According to Natasha Burgert, MD from Kansas City, Missouri, walking is a complicated thing for babies. It requires them to have strong ankles, hips, and balance. Their leg muscles should also be able to carry their weight. 

While some babies can learn the walking skill quickly, others need some more time. Hence, the aid of a trusted walker is crucial at this phase.

Guiding Your Baby to Walk

Mastering the skill of walking doesn’t happen overnight. There are other milestones that they need to progress through before they can even stand. Let’s try to answer the most common questions that most moms and dads would love to know.

What age do most babies start walking?

Some babies start very early. Once they were able to practice tummy time, it sets them up to learn other things like rolling over and sitting. From that moment, they are most likely to start crawling at around 9 to 12 months. It is also the time they usually take their first steps.

Can walking too early cause bow legs?

Soon after your child’s first birthday, he or she will take a few steps on their own. But what if you notice they have bowed legs? Should we worry? While it is normal for us to feel concern, we might forget that almost every baby has bowed legs since birth. Thus it is safe to say that walking at an early age doesn’t cause bow legs. It will resolve naturally and will not affect your child’s ability to walk.

However, if you are asking do walkers cause bow legs, the answer is no. It could be one of the most common myths which make parents feel unease and ask, "do baby walkers affect development?”

Take note that as per the American Academy of Pediatrics, bowed legs are due to the baby's in-utero position. Walkers do not cause bow legs and this only perpetuated from the notion that putting your child to anything that is bouncing can cause them to bow legs.

How do I help my baby to walk?

Most kids are walking alone by the time they are 14 or 15 months old but don’t worry if your child takes a little longer. They are still in the process of developing their coordination and improving their muscle strength.

As parents or relatives, frequent practice is the key once the baby reaches this stage. It will start with them standing and being on their feet.

Give them ample support by holding their hands while putting weight on their feet and walking behind them.

Below is a video from Baby Health Guru that will teach us how we can help our baby to learn the skill of walking.

How do I help my baby to walk?

These wheeled devices also called baby walkers allows kids to scoot themselves around just by pushing their feet off. Maybe you are asking, "are baby walkers good for babies?" While others disagree with the use of walkers, they still remain popular.

So when can babies start using a walker? It should depend on the child's size, age, and overall development. A baby should be able to control his head and his feet should be touching the floor while using a walker. It can be anywhere from 4 to 16 months. However, babies that are already walking should not use it.

How to Find the Best Baby Walker

There are plenty of baby walkers and getting the best can help your child to explore and practice while building their confidence to take their first steps on their own. There are things to consider when shopping for a walker:

  • Their safety is our priority to make sure that the walker has a wide base to prevent your baby from falling or tipping.
  • Added activities and music will keep them amused and entertained and at the same time, it will help them enhance various skills. Look for a baby walker with toy attachments, mobile toys, shapes, and sounds.
  • Babies tend to grow very fast so it is important that you invest in a walker that can grow with them. There are brands and models that offer adjustable height settings and adaptable functions.

The Best Walkers of 2018

We got five of the best baby walkers in town. Each has their notable features and benefits that are sure to make every baby happy while learning how to walk.

The Joovy Spoon Walker is one of the most popular walkers today. It features a simple yet, neat and modern design and offers various functions and benefits for your baby.


  • It is designed in the most simple and traditional way or back-to-basics approach. Its sole purpose is to encourage and help your baby learn to walk.
  • It also has a cushioned seat to ensure your baby’s comfort. The seat is detachable which means easy cleaning.
  • We love its 3-position height adjustments that will suit every growing baby's needs.
  • thumbs-up
    You can also be sure that your child is safe while moving around because this walker has a wider base that promotes stable support.
  • thumbs-up
    Again, safety is the key and this walker has that provision. It has steel reinforcement and non-slip stair pads for added protection.
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    While it is a basic walker, it can be used as a walker or a toy station.
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    Since it is compact and flat, you can easily store it or carry it around or outside for baby’s playtime.


  • Joovy Spoon Walker is a back-to-basic walker and does not have features like mobile toys, shapes, and sounds, unlike other brands and models.

If you are looking for something modern and entertaining, the Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights walker is a good choice. It acts as a mobile with an entertainment system that is sure to keep your baby occupied and happy.


  • It has various textures and different vibrant colors that help stimulate the child’s visual, auditory and sensory systems.
  • It has a main table with two activity trays. These mini trays can swing open to reveal the middle tray. The activity helps infants to enhance their fine motor skills.
  • The trays have components with lights and sound and can be used as a table for other toys.
  • thumbs-up
    Kids will love this dino-themed walker that has five engaging toys. It is also full of dino toys and images.
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    It is also compact and lightweight so you can bring it anywhere your baby goes.
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    The padded seat is machine washable so we can make sure that the seat is always fresh and clean.
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    Likewise, it offers 3-positions height adjustments which allow infants to use the device as long as possible.
  • We can be sure that it offers maximum safety with its grip trip which reduces the walker's movement when the baby pushes it off.


  • Since it has music and battery-operated toys, it requires frequent changing of batteries which is a bit difficult to do.

A walker that is specifically designed for every growing toddler, that is the Bright Starts baby walker. It is available in Safari, June Berry and Green theme but we'll focus on the Safari theme.


  • It has wider, stronger base and sturdy platform that helps secure the baby’s safety while using the walker.
  • The product is suitable for babies that can fully control their head and is starting to crawl.
  • Infants will surely love its sounds, music features, steering lights and toys in jungle fun.
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    Unlike other baby walkers, you can fully adjust the volume settings or turn off its music when not in use to save batteries.
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    The toy station is also removable from the main tray so your baby can use it even when they are not using the walker.
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    Aside from being comfy, Bright Starts also paid attention to its security system by adding rubber feet to this device. It serves as a break without leaving any marks on your wooden floor.
  • thumbs-up
    Portable and lightweight, you can bring the Safari Walk-a-bout walker at grandparents’ house or easily store it in a small area.


  • According to some reviews, this walker is not suitable for rugs and carpeted surfaces.

We always want value for our hard-earned money so we are after devices that have multiple uses. The Kolcraft Tiny Steps is a 2-in1 activity walker which makes it versatile. Moreover, it is easy to use and clean.


  • The wheels are detachable so you can use it as a stationary walker or as a walk-behind walker.
  • The walk-behind walker is great for babies with the delay in walking as it enables them to hold onto something while practicing walking on their own.
  • The walker mode is perfect for babies that are ready to walk. You just have to remove its rear bar and take out the seat.
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    It also features an activity center with battery-operated toys and lights that also plays various music and sounds.
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    The snack tray and cup holder are a plus factor for parents as well.


  • Since it has two functions, you need to remove the wheels when you want to use it as a walk-behind walker and put back the wheels when using it as a traditional walker.

All pink and beautiful, that is the Disney Minnie walker that offer lights and music, these features are sure to keep every baby enthralled. It also provides maximum comfort and ample support to help your baby learn how to walk alone.


  • The plastic material used is molded and ensured safe for babies.
  • It is also padded with soft fabric for extra comfort and the seat is machine washable.
  • This walker is equipped with an interactive tray full of toys, music and light features.
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    This walker is equipped with an interactive tray full of toys, music and light features.
  • thumbs-up
    The iconic characters like Minnie Mouse are attached to its oversized play station with the other toys.
  • It features strong and sturdy wheels as well for security. Likewise, it has strip grips that help slow down the movement of the walker.


  • It requires frequent replacement of batteries. Likewise, it is too high for babies that are six months old and below.

What We Choose

While all of these walkers are sure to help and bring joy to your baby, there is one brand that stood out and that is the Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker because of its features and advantages.

It offers a wide-base, sturdy frame, sound and music features, and toys that encourage babies to explore and learn other skills aside from walking. Plus, it is compact and easy to use and store.

We hope you like our review. You can send us your comments.

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