Perhaps you are already a parent yourself or an expecting mom or dad; we would like to congratulate you for a job well-done. We know how every parent would only wish nothing but the best for their children. In return, our babies would bring us hope, happiness, and purpose.

Each one of them becomes our source of joy and light. Babies cannot yet understand our pain and sadness thus; they are the best go-to persons whenever we feel stressed and tired. Their laughter and giggles can calm us and help us keep our sanity.

Although parenthood has a way of making us experts, patient and resourceful, there are tough days especially if it's our first time. From being a newborn to their toddler years and so on, we must ensure their safety and we have to spend quality time with them. We have to spend most of our time taking care of them.

Others might argue that to become a parent; one should be able to sacrifice their self, time, money and happiness for their children. Still, most of us would agree that our children infuse fun to our lives and give meaning and purpose to it.

They are our comfort buddies. So while it is true that having children would mean a messy home, emptier pocket, stress and sleep deprivation for us, still raising them well is our utmost priority.

Modern Parenting

But nowadays, we are fortunate that we can easily access the internet and take advantage from its various information sources. Thus, baby sitting and parenting wouldn't be as difficult as the old times. Every moms and dad too can learn new knowledge about baby's health, proper ways of handling them, food preparation, medicine and relief and so much more that concerns our child's welfare and safety.

Various websites aim to help us with their parenting hacks, expert advice, product reviews and buying guides. Likewise, we tend to get a glimpse of what other families and communities has to offer from their personal experiences and shared knowledge.

From conception to childbirth, to toddlers and school ages, the internet has a vast array of things to offer. We are fortunate that many would want to help us raise our family aside from our relatives. We now have communities all over the world.

Again, babies are our ray of light and hope. Their cuteness makes them irresistible, and their smiles can make us feel the warmth. We surely would want nothing but only the best for them.

From pregnancy until birth, our children need proper attention and care. We have to ensure that they are getting the right nutrition, that they are always comfortable and safe and that they are well-loved and happy. Likewise, we have to prevent them from getting sick and nourish them with love and affection. Raising them is not easy, but we all believe that it's all worth it.

Under the Caring for the Baby category, we will give you various ideas and information to ensure that your child is well-taken care off. From reviews of different baby products and gears, the do’s and don’ts of child care up to the recommended materials and stuff to use for the kids. We will also discuss relevant issues and questions concerning their food and nutrition.

You can also learn useful techniques from other parents and communities and ask your questions for the experts to answer. Caring for a child would require your patience, understanding and knowledge and those are the things that this section will give you.

Upon birth to their early childhood years, our kids use their senses to learn new things and explore the world around them. Likewise, interaction and play makes them feel happy and loved. Hence, game time and sensory activities are necessary to nurture and develop them. What most of us don't know is that these are also essential factors for brain development.

Experts recommend that parents should spend time playing with their children as it offers them plenty of ways to learn. This section will help you determine the proper ways to entertain your child, the type of toys and play they need according to their age and the kind of activities that will help them develop physically, mentally and emotionally.

Also, you can take advantage of our short reviews of the most modern baby toys and gears today and help you choose which of them suits your child. It is crucial that you introduce age-appropriate activities to develop their confidence, social skills, communication and physical skills. Learn all of these from reading here.

Breastfeeding offers a myriad of health benefits for both the mother and child. It is readily available, economical, and safe for the environment and most of all; it contains the complete vitamins and nutrients that every growing baby needs. Breast milk helps fight diseases and boost their immune system. Likewise, it strengthens the bond between a parent and her child.

However, there are problems that breastfeeding mothers usually encounter such as low milk supply, inverted or flat nipples or lack of support from the family or community. Working moms also find it difficult to continue breastfeeding once they resume work. Let this section help you.

The Breastfeeding category aims to inform and to share relevant knowledge about breastfeeding such as the efforts of other groups worldwide to normalize breastfeeding.

You can also find here the experts’ advice on how to breastfeed and what to do in case you lack the supply of milk. We also have product reviews of the essential things that will help you and your baby make every breastfeeding session more convenient. We would like to give them support, share real life stories and inspire mommies to continue their breastfeeding journey.

While most parents understand the importance of breast milk or a balanced diet for their children, they tend to overlook another vital aspect of a child’s well-being and mental development which is sleep. According to experts, it provides ample stimulation which is crucial in every human’s first few years of life.

Sleep is when brain activity takes place. Thus, sleep interruptions would mean hampering or slowing down your child's overall development.Thus, this section will tackle sleeping issues and disorders to make you feel equipped with knowledge that can help you and your baby achieve a desirable sleeping habit.

We know that there are times that your child won't sleep unless you rock or hold them. Our articles will let you fully understand how these behaviors happen and what to do to overcome them. These are negative sleep associations that you can prevent or fix as early as possible.

We will also provide you our short lists and reviews of sleep gears and products, their advantages and disadvantages and what makes them perfect for your little sunshine.

One doesn’t need to be an expert in child development to be able to take care of a baby. We might have relatives or friends that are already knowledgeable regarding parenting that we can ask for help. Aside from giving them nutritional food, enough sleep, and rest; they also require our love and attention.

Likewise, basic care includes giving them the right vaccines, medicines, and vitamins appropriate for their age and condition. However, there are traditional and modern ways of caring for a child, so this category will help you choose which of these methods are applicable and most useful.

Moreover, caring for a sick baby is a significant responsibility that most new parents encounter. Here we will provide you information of some of the most common health issues and problems your child is likely to experience as he or she grows.

Plus, we will get to know other families’ experiences when it comes to child care and health care. Here you can also seek for experts and doctors’ advice on these matters. Together, let us learn the newest health interventions, products, and services to promote children's health and well-being.


We might have plenty of questions when it’s time to start feeding our children with solid foods. While we are all excited to give them baby foods, there are signs to watch out for that indicates the child’s readiness for solid foods.

Are you wondering what to feed them first? The Baby Food section will provide you basic tips, suggestions, advice from other moms and child care experts on what foods to give and how to introduce them. We will also discuss some pointers to prevent allergies and other food-related problems.

Remember that some fruits and vegetables, regardless if they are organic, could upset a child's sensitive tummy. We can only prevent it if we know what foods to avoid and what to give. Some commercial products could also be harmful to your kid.

We will also share some recipes and general know-how so you can make your baby food at home. Let us also review some products and equipment that could be necessary when you start feeding your baby.

When we become parents, we definitely try doing our best every single day for our children’s well-being. We share the same fears, worries, thoughts, doubts and love and we were all thankful for becoming part of the parenthood club.

Thus, it is our pleasure to help you get through all the ups and downs of pregnancy, childbirth and child care by sharing with you these awesome websites made by parents, for parents. We are fortunate that we have established various online communities to aid us with bits of information, new innovations, beautiful stories and expert advice.