The Best Baby Jumper 2018 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Babies grow fast and they become more active and energetic by the day. We would love to see our kids bounce, jump, and explore the surroundings all day. However, there are still plenty of things to attend to such as house chores. Thus, others find it a necessity to get the best baby jumper.

What to look for in a Baby Jumper?

There are plenty of baby gears in the market these days, and that includes baby jumpers. Parents look at it as a useful tool in helping their children burn off excess energy. Another purpose of the jumper is to keep children busy and happy, and because they spent an exhaustive time on this equipment, parents can easily get them to sleep.

Essentially, it is composed of an adjustable strap and seat. You could get overwhelmed with the huge selections of it from different colors to various features. Likewise, we look for the item that is affordable yet, durable. You might be even surprised that it has different types. Others call it a jumperoo, a Johnny jump up or an exersaucer.

According to Allyson Downey from weeSpring, a reviewing site for baby products, it is an important rule to try the item before buying if it is a large piece. We understand that it is impossible to pick just one item over a ton of kinds of stuff.

Since not all baby jumpers are the same, each type of it features different characteristics that we need to consider when buying the best baby jumper.



Like baby carriers and walkers, manufacturers of baby jumpers also recommend a weight limit to their product. Make sure that you choose the jumper that can accommodate your growing child to prevent the jumper from breaking.

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Features and design

The jumper's seat may vary according to the jumper’s brand. Others come with plush padding for additional comfort while some are removable and washable which makes it easier to clean. Other jumper seats allow height adjustment.

The jumper's seat may vary according to the jumper’s brand. Others come with plush padding for additional comfort while some are removable and washable which makes it easier to clean. Other jumper seats allow height adjustment.

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Of course, we want to make sure that our child is comfortable using the baby jumper. Aside from the basic comfort considerations, the design is also vital since the seat is an essential element of every baby jumper.




New baby jumpers are equipped with toys that help keep the child entertained. Consider the type of toy inclusion and avoid those with small parts that they can swallow. Others opt for the baby jumpers that allow them to modify the number of toys and customize it.


General Safety While Using Baby Jumpers

Before you purchase a baby jumper, let’s make it clear that this should not replace you or a babysitter. The use of stationary exercise equipment such as a jumper should be in moderation. Limit your child’s usage of his jumper from 10-20 minutes only a day.

Babies that use jumpers tend to be in unnatural upright position said Kendra Gagnon, associate professor of physical therapy at Rockhurst University and a pediatric physical therapist. However, despite the arguments that jumpers are unsafe, parents still swear by them.

Primarily, jumpers are for babies that cannot walk yet. Parents prefer using it to tire their baby out after a long day. Kids tend to push up on their toes and lean forward when using walkers and jumpers thus; it is crucial to avoid longer stay in these types of equipment. Still, tummy time and floor play are the ideal positions for their development.

To maximize the safety of your child while using a baby jumper, below are important points to observe and follow:

  • Steer clear of pointy and sharp objects that your kid can walk or jump on.
  • Avoid placing the jumper near pools, kitchen area, and stairs. Keep it out from dangerous areas. Likewise, place it on a flat surface.
  • Do not attach additional pillows or foam for padding or toys with strings as these could lead to strangulation and injury.
  • Once your children reached and exceeded the height and weight limitations, stop using the baby jumper.
  • Do not leave your child unsupervised while he or she is using the jumper.


  • Make sure that your child is at the right stage before using the baby jumper. We cannot say what the ideal age range is for this since experts are basing it on the child’s development stage.
  • As a general rule, babies that still cannot support themselves and have wobbly head should not use a baby jumper. It is also not ideal for children that are already walking.

Reveiw of the Best baby Jumpers 2018

To help you choose better among these baby gears, we come up with a short review of five of the most popular baby jumpers today!

You can find cheaper baby jumpers in the market, but those items might not have the same features like any of the five models from our list. Each of our five recommended jumpers would be a great addition to your tools at home.

First on our list is this Rainforest Jumperoo from Fisher-Price. From the looks of it, this jumper is an eye catcher because of its colorful and playful design. It features an overhead canopy with an extended two soft leaves.

It also comes with plush toys, a rotating seat, built-in fun sounds and 3-point height adjustment that can accommodate your baby. It encourages interactive play as children can move, spin and jump which help develop their motor skills.

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  • Its seat rotates at 2360, allowing the child to interact and discover toys from everywhere.
  • It is easy to disassemble and lightweight, so you can easily store, tucked or carry it from one room to another.
  • The motion sensor will activate the lights and sounds when the baby spin the drum or when he jumps, encouraging him to move and bounce.
  • The toys included come in a variety of textures that enhances tactile stimulation while the built-in sounds and lights engage the child’s auditory and visual senses.


  • It requires three "AA" batteries which will add up to the cost as it does not a have plug option. Thus, you need to stock batteries to avoid running out of it.
  • Others would complain about Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo’s locking mechanism design. The bouncing force causes the metal bar to flex slightly where the straps held in place. It could be due to improper use, or the baby has reached the weight limit.

Another jumperoo from Fisher Price, the Luv U Zoo is a ground-based jumper that does not require door frame to set up. Users swear by its features, affordability, and portability. It allows the baby to play in any room even without the convenient doorway.

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  • It encourages baby to move and bounce as its built-in lights, and sounds activate, and the seat area plays music.
  • Similar to Rainforest Jumperoo, the Luv U Zoo also has a rotating seat for 360-degree stimulation which makes it possible for your child to scan, explore and interact around which enhances motor skills.
  • It can also adjust according to your baby’s height.
  • We love how the toy bar with zoo animals hangs overhead were arranged that encourages hand-eye coordination and gross motor development. The included toys also come in various shapes, textures, and color.


  • According to some reviews, although the height is adjustable to three positions, they still find this baby jumper hard to adjust if your child is short for his or her age.
  • Some users find this equipment wobbly and unstable that could not suit their growing babies.
  • Short children also have difficulties touching the ground.

This stationary jumper with a cartoonish design from Evenflo made it to our shortlist because of its various features. Because it is a stationary jumper, it is fixed into place keeping it sturdy and stable. Plus, it is 100% polyester which ensures comfort.

Like other baby jumpers, this one from Evenflo also promotes the development of a child’s critical muscles and gross motor skills. We like it that this model was developed in with the Child Development Institute.



  • It includes sixty-seven fun learning activities, and we agree that babies will love it! These activities will also promote education and development of your child’s milestones.
  • What makes this jumper a little unique compared to others is that it comes with a landing pad is very soft with its bounce base.
  • It offers a Take with Me Toys system with age-appropriate toys.
  • It also features smart electronic toys with lights, sounds, and three music's genres, so your baby has multiple options to enjoy.
  • Likewise, it has a 3-point height adjustment option for maximum value.
  • We also like that its seat pad can removable and easy to clean and wash.


  • While this jumper offers various learning activities, others are still not happy with it's few noise and music options.
  • It also tends to occupy larger space compared to other models.

How can we forget to include this item from Evenflo if it offers three-in-one function: an Exersaucer, a play mat and an activity table in one! Parents who currently use this equipment for their children are amazed and delighted at the same time because of its various features.

They love this baby activity center as it provides everything they need to keep their young ones busy and happy.

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  • It features 11 age- appropriate toys and built-in sounds that aid in developing your child’s tactile stimulation, fine motor skills and encourage object exploration.
  • It folds easily for easy storage or travel. It even has a carry handle that allows users to go with it. This item is ideal for those who have smaller spaces at home.
  • Your child can also maximize the use of its wide surrounding tray on the activity center as it was designed to bring toys closer to him or her.
  • An item that has value for money, your baby can use this from 0 months until two years old. From its playmat to its Exersaucer to its activity table, this equipment is a multifunctional one.
  • It also comes with various songs and phrases.


  • While this jumper offers various learning activities, others are still not happy with it's few noise and music options.
  • It also tends to occupy larger space compared to other models.

This jumper is ideal for children who are fond of toys and lots of stimulation, and we think they all do! It comes with a spinning penguin, a monkey, a frog teether, a roller ball, a mirror and more! It also has sounds, music, and lights which all the baby jumpers have.

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  • It does not require doorway so you can quickly set-up this equipment anywhere that is convenient for you and your child.
  • It has an adjustable height limit for extended use.
  • The legs are foldable, and the item is easy to assemble and store.
  • Because it has plenty of toys and accessories, it also encourages more plays. We know that through play, babies can develop their gross motor skills and strengthen their muscles.
  • Its seat also spins at 360 degrees helping your child to reach and explore. It gives him or her a better look of all the toys attached to the jumper.
  • The steel frame that supports the jumper is sturdy and reliable, so the baby is safe and secure.


  • It requires three pieces of AA alkaline batteries to operate and again, that would add up to your expenses.
  • Some people claims that its steel frame bends easily with the impact of frequent bounce.

Our Final Verdict!

Surely, a baby jumper is an ideal tool that can provide your child plenty of benefits. For this review, we give our vote to Evenflo ExerSaucerJump and Learn Stationary Jumper, Jam Session as the number one among the best baby jumpers today!

While all of the models deliver similar benefits and more, this baby jumper got higher “score” from us as it was manufactured with the help and guidance of Children’s Development Institute. We are sure that its features are appropriate for your child and can support their growing needs.

We hope that somehow, we enlightened you with our list. Of course, quality products tend to be a bit pricier, but you can be sure of its stability and features. Happy shopping!

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