Top 55 Blog For Moms You Need To Follow Right Now

There are several changes to a woman’s body during and after pregnancy, such as intense mood swings, physical attributes and of course, their priorities. While keeping their family healthy and safe, they also have to manage everyone’s time and make sure that they get to spend vacations and leisure time with the whole family.

Thus, we come up with our list of 55 blog sites that every mother should follow. From pregnancy to childbirth to raising the kids, a mother will have to endure and overcome plenty of things. While they may get tons of advice from the people around them, still the experts’ advice and suggestions are important.

So, no matter how big or small a family is, the top experts and their blog sites below can help each one of us with our current situation. Whether you are into breastfeeding, organic clothes, and nappies, looking for support groups for moms like you or just want to have a good laugh while nursing your child, you can always find a community of mommies.

These blog sites aim to discuss the daily challenges of being a mommy while reminding us the pleasure that tags along. Although, there are always highs and lows included in parenting and family life, these helpful blogs will teach us new tricks and techniques as we learn from the experience and expertise of others.



This blog site is full of everything you need to know from conceiving to raising a family with children. It has the mission to celebrate every moms and dads’ parenthood journey while continuously giving essential tips and advice that they will need along the way.

It is filled with various articles, family stories and experiences, lists of potential baby names, breastfeeding support, vacation and outing guides and some of the coolest parenting hacks applicable for this generation and more. Thus, it aims to give support and empower every family for all different phases of life.



If you are seeking for the "Best All-Around Mom Blog," we recommend you the Modern-Day Moms site. It was a finalist in CBC News "Most Valuable Blogger" awards and was nominated by Parents Magazines. They cater to new moms and dads as well with their simple yet functional crafts, home cook recipes, relationship advice and travel tips.

No wonder it is an award-winning national publication as it provides real-life parenthood experiences, marriage issues, and solutions that all of us should take note. They promise that their articles are not sugar-coated and only depict related and true-to-life information and ideas.



It all started as Amy Bellgardt's outlet as a stay-at-home mom. But today, MomSpark.net has become an efficient platform for moms all over the world. You can access a broad range of articles including travel, humor, recipes, DIY crafts, fashion advice, decoration tips, natural living, social initiatives, and parenting.

Aside from that, Amy and her other co-writers now work as brand ambassadors and discussing product reviews. Her blog also exhibits and documents her humanitarian efforts, online campaigns, and outreach programs. It is one popular mom blog where you can find what you are looking.



It is another popular blog offering various ideas and inspirations ranging from parenting tips, mealtime, arts and crafts, travel destinations and exciting activities for the whole family. Here you can find resources for recipes and more. It is where Angela, the creator of About a Mom, shares her parenting journey.

Likewise, the blog celebrates the multicultural and mixed characteristics of every family. Readers can catch a glimpse of fun attractions in Florida and other exclusive events as well.



For those who want to know real-life stories or need an expert advice on specific life issues, Today's Parent blog is a must-read. Here you can feel that sense of community where authors and readers help one another with the chaos, struggles, and challenges that every family is facing.

The topics range from child conception and birth, education, health and nutrition, discipline tips and much more. We also love their compilation of how-to videos. You are sure to get insightful information for all life stages.



Pregnancy and birth are special occasions that require proper knowledge and intelligence. The Bump helps millennial parents to deal with all possible issues such as fertility, pregnancy stages, on getting the adequate nutrition and must-have items on your baby list.

They also offer interactive tools, checklists, product research tools and apps that will help users to keep track and monitor every pregnancy symptoms and child's development and milestones. There are also popular topics on safe labor and delivery. Indeed, it is a must-read blog for every expectant parent.



It is another leading publication for pregnant women that gives them ideas on tips on what preggy moms should wear, the essential things to buy and the healthy foods and supplements to include in their diets. They have in-depth information along with celebrity profiles. Like other blogs, they are available online and accessible on mobile devices.

By subscribing to their newsletter, you will be able to know the latest trends in the pregnancy market. Hear the experts’ advice on relevant issues and ask them questions.



This UK based mom blog caters to pregnant women, babies, and toddlers. They too, only give the latest advice from the experts on random issues of parenthood. Likewise, they discuss sex and relationships issues, beauty finds and more topics about work and money and offers health advice for the entire family.

What makes them unique is their easy-to-shop recipes segment where you can learn how to prepare delicious meals, finger foods and other delicacies for holidays and special events. Their mom reviews and buyers guide will keep those shopping mishaps at bay.



When we say global digital resource, we are taking about Babycentre.co.uk website. They can reach millions of moms in nine different languages since it launched in 1997. They support every families' needs at every stage from preconception to childbirth.

They are packed not only with relevant articles but with reference information, checklists and hints and links to other resources as well. By registering, you will receive a monthly newsletter, shopping guides for baby, pregnancy tips and more to help you raise your family.



A lifestyle blog from the NYC, the “Mom in the City” shares tons of ideas for family activities and destinations, easy recipes and home cook dishes, tips and advice for parents and guardians and various types of entertainments for moms with schooling children.

Kimberly, the founder of Mom in the City, is a professional lifestyle blogger and a web developer. She can perfectly relate to every working moms' dilemma so she came up with this personal blog so moms can share their thoughts and seek advice.



It is a blog network that encourages readers especially women to connect with other moms. They work with their sister sites to empower women and to support their passions and career. The site provides plenty of resources, community forums, job opportunities and practical training. We can say that this is not your usual mom site.

Aside from providing you with the common family topics, they are also accepting guest contributors. Although we are on the same roads, we have different struggles, interests, and stories. Hence, the City Moms Blog aims to cover these areas and hear everyone's parenting hacks.



From the title itself, we can easily say that this blog specifically targets moms living in Chandler, Ahwatukee, Queen Creek, Maricopa and other areas in East Valley. It is a collaborative blog managed by moms from the said areas.

They share here travel tips, personal experiences, fun activities to do and other stuff within the community. Aside from online communication and publications, we love that they gather every quarterly and organize play groups, mommies' night out and other events that will allow them to meet and greet.



Yes, you read it right. This blog especially caters to the guardians and parents of child actors. While the entertainment industry has certain regulations that protect the little rising stars, a blog like this is helpful as it offers an active community, trusted resource sites and related matters to the actors' parents and family.

They also post celebrity interviews, news, casting auditions, discounts, red carpet premieres and plenty of freebies for their readers and followers across different platforms. We know how hectic and demanding their glamorous life can be. Thus, Hollywood Mom Blog is to the rescue, so you fuel your child's passion for performing.



Linda, who was married to a Philadelphia Firefighter understands the need for moms and dads to save and stay careful with their expenses. She shares this blog with everyone where she documents her family's way of life. It is also nice that she gives tips and make us all understand that to become happy, we don't need to spend much.

Want to know how to live the "American Dream?" continue reading her blog for advice and tips. Plus, you can get to stumble special deals and giveaways for you and your family.



Like most of the blogging sites we know, The Chill Mom started as a personal blog where the author Michelle Hon wants to share her journey to parenthood. It is as if Michelle is helping women to plan and get ready for the arrival of their bundle of joy.

Today, her blog offers other resources that aid readers with their pregnancy, teach them proper self-care, guide them throughout their child’s development and give them plenty of other links to find the answers to all their queries.



Health is wealth. Hence, Mom to Mom Nutrition is the ideal place to share and get tips in raising a healthy family. It focuses on recipes, nutrition advice, and related topics. The authors understand our struggle of feeding the kids, so they provide proven methods to help the children develop a healthy eating habit.

Also, they offer nutrition coaching packages that suit pregnant women, growing toddlers, and picky eaters. Discover weekly meals that are easy to prepare and fitness ideas to try.



We know moms and dads could be a little behind when it comes to emerging technology and the latest trends in gadgets and the internet. From online gaming, cars and top tech toys for kids, this blog is able to connect every mom by providing insightful information, product reviews and guest posts about recent issues and relevant topics.

Learn more about home technologies such as alarms, cameras and security, mobile phones and accessories and cool apps to improve the quality of living.



Joanna is a mother of four, and we just can't imagine her struggles and joys of raising them all so we should all peek at her blog where she shares them. She got inspirational stories and documentations of her marriage, pregnancy, managing a twin and her weight loss journey.

She experienced depression and difficulties during her pregnancy hence; she genuinely knows the need of a mom like her to stay connected to others. By just reading her blog and watching her vlog, you too can share the same journey and inspire others.



The founder of this blog site is the award-winning TV journalist Joyce Brewer. She discusses family-friendly services and review products and toys. The MommyTalkShow.com was launched as a platform to answer queries about trusted brands in the market.

You can watch interviews on various locations like art schools, stores, restaurant and play spaces and listen to mom spokesperson. Joyce also shares how-to articles about cars and travel destinations, family guides, beauty tips, cosmetic reviews and health and lifestyle advice for every family members.



Apparently, this is a place founded for moms who want to have a good laugh. Well, who wouldn’t want it? The entire family is invited too. Parenthood means challenges and joy. Thus, this blog aims for us to enjoy memories and things while they last.

Here you can watch parodies, real-life stories, vlogs, how-to -crafts and other crazy, funny memes, pictures and trending videos across the web. They also encourage their followers to share their fun collections of everything for all the world to see and laugh.



Enough of women empowerment. Tova Leigh blog is all about her thoughts, ideas and conversations about marriage, kids, life, parenting hacks, life's craps and her body image. It is like an open diary where she gets to share her me time with cake and wine and her love for chocolates.

For us, it is one “comfort blog” where we can all express and share the sentiments of a mom. Everything is free flowing here, relax and fun to read.



From written publication to a live-reading series, the Listen to Your Mom Show by Ann Imig focuses on supporting communities and parents in various ways. The proceeds they gather from productions were given to local communities and charitable institutions that aim to help families all over the world.

Also, they collect contributions from non-profit organizations and donate a portion of their ticket sales, conduct fund raising projects and build awareness for various causes they support. You can watch all their previous shows on their website.



This popular local blog is a lifestyle, entertainment and parenting blog in one. Jessica McFadden, the author of it, shares family activities, local resources to try, must-try games for children and other useful information that aims to motivate families especially parents, to enjoy every time they got to spend with them.

You can sense her passions and love for her family through her articles. She also discusses getaways destinations for DC families, fashion styles and trendy accessories and home decors and affordable designs. You will soon discover that you have plenty of things in common.



Alice Elliot initially made the Fair Blog Mother site in 2006 to introduce and help people understand the basics of blogging. She is passionate to teach them how it can be beneficial for individuals, organizations, and businesses.

We can say that she is successful since there are hundreds of bloggers all around the world today. She encourages people to start blogging and learn the daunting technicalities of it. She made the realized that it is an efficient resource for writers and a good outlet to share one’s ideas and opinions.



While pregnancy and childbirth are special events for all parents and their families, it also comes with physical changes that most moms are not comfortable to discuss with others. While they receive premium care during pregnancy and on delivery, their health care providers tend to forget to address their post-birth needs.

The Baby Bod website is here to help moms to prevent depression with the right postpartum care. They offer online coaching, tracker app, body treatments and therapies and other products to aid their customers in getting their body goals.



This website is about a Swedish family-owned business that is now located in 50 countries all over the world. They aim to provide safe and functional items for babies and products. They sell a broad range of product such as baby carriers, bouncers, feeding sets, potty trainers, accessories, and other tools and equipment all for infants and toddlers.

It is the company that will accompany your child from newborn to his or her toddler years. It is like your baby is growing old with their products.



Amy Richardson only wanted to keep herself busy during pregnancy, and so, she gave birth to June and January blog site first. The site promotes aesthetics and styles for children apparels. She makes sure that they will get to enjoy bold prints and bright colors.

Her team is composed of mothers who are also after aesthetics and comfort. They also offer gift packages and other baby essentials. Their accessories are so cute you can't resist buying them for your children.



If you are looking for high-quality products for moms and babies, the Baby Hub website is perfect for you. It was founded by Crescom Biomedics managed by three sisters who are also on the lookout for baby essentials and maternity stuff that are ideal for every Filipina moms.

They ensure product safety by testing and reviewing them before selling. You can find various items you can use during pregnancy, aid you with your breastfeeding journey and during the baby’s early years.



Aimee is an occupational therapist who founded this early childhood development company to help and guide parents and to discuss relevant topics with other child experts like pediatricians. This blog site allows her to do the things she loves the most which are her family, her love for music, children and pediatric therapist.

You can shop for CDs and DVDs, accessed articles about baby's developments and milestones from birth up to preschool age and used their different apps from iTunes.



Surely, a picture paints a thousand words, and in this fast-paced age, we want to capture every moment that we get to spend with our loved ones. We love the palette colors, relaxing feel and dreamy "ambiance" of this blog sit managed by Jenny Cruger.

She promotes organic photography and portraits for maternity, childbirth, and families since 2010. Their team of professional photographers wants to create a life-changing experience for their clients through pictures. They also train people across the U.S.



It all started with Heather Correa’s multi-purpose stroller blanket she invented for her daughters. Nowadays, the Rain or Shine Kids is a growing business that provides functional products and other parenting essentials. They are now known as RoSK which incorporates the urban appeal to all their items.

You can shop for bibs, burps, rain gears, sun protection, and cold weather proof products to keep your kids safe and warm. They make sure that every stuff is free from harsh chemicals.



The company was founded by parents who loves to share the advantages of babywearing with other caregivers and relatives. They launched various accessories and products such as baby carriers, baby slings, wraps, pouches and more.

They also have blogs to help you choose the right size of these products according to the child's size. There are also how-to articles so you can quickly wrap and wear your baby. You should also check their rewards programs to enjoy their bundles and sale items.



Deciding what to name an unborn baby is one fun part of pregnancy. Your friends and family might have plenty of suggestions, or you want to name your child after a celebrity, a famous person or a relative. The Name Berry site is a go-to-place for those who are still undecided with their child's name.

You can check various name categories and their meanings like famous names, unisex, French and English names, popular, and computer-generated names to choose. They also sell pieces of jewelry and books.



Maternity leaves could make most moms productive and creative. This blog started when Katie was pregnant with her eldest daughter. Five years after, her simple blog has become popular and gain more followers.

She shares her original videos, photos, and helpful articles. Katie refers to it as their family's visual diary where she recorded all the happy memories and extraordinary moments. Likewise, she calls it a family lifestyle blog since it is all about her travels with them, photography, aesthetics and daily way of life.



The site is about a remarkable family and their babywearing products and accessories. These ergonomic carriers are convenient for moms, dads, and babies. The site has plenty of articles discussing the advantages of using one.

First, the carriers they produce are for personal use and family friends. However, strangers would inquire about their baby's wraps, sling, and carriers. Thus, it has become a business and cause to promote babywearing. Baby Tula is now offering a broad range of quality products and articles to educate people about baby carriers.



What makes Art & Eden unique among other websites is their mission to make the world a better place by celebrating innovations and artists all over the world that they commissioned. Likewise, they only promote and sell clothes that are better for people and for our planet.

The people behind their website aim to achieve sustainable processes by using organic and recyclable materials in their line of clothes for boys and girls. We also love the fact that they use recycled packaging. They are mixing business with planet conservation and awareness.



From the name of the blog itself, we know that they provide music for children. We are aware how difficult it is to calm them, but with the recorded music offered in Jazz for Babies site, one can soothe their fussy kids.

The people behind the blog prefer the sounds of acoustic instruments instead of the commonly synthesized sound recordings and mobile toys. They also believe that introducing the children to this kind of genre will help them develop the sense of serenity, individuality, and creativity.



The blog site was created by Alice out of her parental concerns. She had her share of fretful and exhausting parenting days because of her second child’s condition. Finn lacks neck strength due to the strain he experienced during labor.

They created the Baby Elephant Ears as an infant support pillow. Alice and her family realized the need for this comfortable baby ears that they managed to share it with the community. Today, they are producing this multi-use headrest that efficiently supports the neck and spinal alignment while keeping your baby comfortable.



It started in 2010 as a support group for families, but it has turned into a growing business that offers plenty of things for babies and toddlers. According to Donna Bruschi, the founder of NBNP, they are activists and a community of parents that encourage and support each other.

They believe that awareness and education are the keys to raise a family. Thus, they offer a lending library, consultants, and therapists who better understand babies. You can access various services from breastfeeding help to baby carriers and diaper cloths.



They are two-time Grammy Award Winners who are also master musicians and play various instruments such as guitar, cello-banjo, and mandolin. Cathy and Marcy are well-known performers in various folk festivals and music camps.

They want to share their music and teach communities thus, they call themselves as social music conductors. This website encourages young artists and singers to improve their craft through music videos and show compilations done by Cathy and Marcy in schools, children festivals and community centers.



We only want the best for our babies. Thus, Bonn Bonn Baby product is one favorite brand when it comes to baby clothes, accessories, and essentials. They offer environment-friendly, antimicrobial moisture wicking baby stuff that doesn’t stink and prevents wetness.

They have swaddling blankets, burp cloths, sheets, bibs, bodysuits and pad covers that are made of materials that can stop spreading the odor-causing bacteria, mildew, and molds and can pull wetness to let the baby stay dry and fresh.



From music to baby blankets, it is essential that we help our babies and toddlers to learn to love sleeping time. Doing so requires a trial-and-error approach which tends to be frustrating for most parents. Hence, the experts behind Sleep Pea aims to provide us the knowledge and support we need to improve our child’s sleeping habits.

They offer the services of sleep consultants and sleep packages to work in close collaboration with their clients to come up with a tailor-fit solution. It is to teach adults how they can engage their young ones to sleep and relaxation.



More on the sleeping topic, we have the Cocoon Cam blog site that offers various packages that include Wi-Fi enabled video cameras, two-way audio and night vision. All these items were made to help parents in creating a safe sleeping environment for their little ones. They also have a mobile application available for Android and IOS devices.

We know how important it is to keep an eye on our babies especially when they are asleep. Cocoon Cam does it better. You can check on their services offered and subscribe to enjoy their products.



At this modern age, people would still want to "normalize" breastfeeding. Hence, various organizations around the world such as UK Breastfeeding aims to educate individuals and encourage mothers to continue breastfeeding their children. They also have suggested methods and offer support groups for families that need them.

You can witness this global initiative through their website where they post articles, videos, and interviews from experts and breastfeeding moms. They also work together with international organizations to further assess and monitor policies and programs to improve breastfeeding.



Gift registration could be a daunting task for first-time parents. Hence, Bitz Baby is here to help us. They make sure to sell products that passed their safety standards. The manufacturer wants to promote a safe sleeping environment for babies across the world.

They come up with crib bumpers that have safety features to prevent entanglement, suffocation and other dangerous impacts the child can experience while struggling to rest. It started as a personal goal but became Bitz Baby's mission.



It is their goal to reduce the number of drowning statistics in the US. They are offering swimming lessons, professional training and other programs and products that aim to teach children how to swim. They also share drowning prevention tips and water survival guides.

The blog site is encouraging both kids and adults to stay safe while swimming so every vacation trips or beach outings would turn to a memorable event and not a disastrous one.



Bob and Lauren, the founders of this American-based company, have a mission and that is to produce smart car seat and strollers for every family with children. They want things to become simpler for both the parents and the children while staying stylish and safe.

They offer products that meet the standards of various consumer associations like the JPMA. Thus, we can be sure that every item has the best fabric, materials, and mechanisms. We love that their products are versatile and value form and function.



Have you ever heard of Smart Breathing Movement Monitor for Babies? Well, that what MonBaby is all about. It is an award-winning monitor that helps every parent to ensure that their child has proper breathing movements. It can also detect his or her body position and even fall detection.

It is like a button that you can snap onto baby's onesie or pajama. The manufacturer of MonBaby aims to help reduce the risk of SIDS among infants. Thus, users can track their toddler's movements through their mobile devices. You can choose the type of alerts you want too.



According to studies, one in every 46 births has a defect. Likewise, families find it difficult to support child care and hospitalization once a medical condition was diagnosed. Hence, the EmbryoCare Future Family Insurance offers various programs to keep them covered even before the baby is born.

Their mission is to provide financial assistance and support groups for families whose child has a serious illness. You can check on their website about their packages and products that cover selected disabilities and diseases.



This agency comprises of certified nannies, Registered Nurses, Care Specialists and health experts that offer various services for families in Boston. They have a broad range of packages like the Overnight Newborn Care, In-House Lactation Visits, Daytime Infant Care and Baby Sleep Coaching.

They are also accepting applications for nannies and imposes strict requirements to ensure that all their staffs are well-trained and certified. Parents can attest how the agency has helped them get through the first few weeks of their newborn and be able to sleep and rest.



Traveling with babies could be daunting since you have to pack all the essentials he or she needs. With BEBE PODPANTS, dressing them has become easier than ever. This single garment has replaced pants, socks, and shoes. You just have to cover their lower half body with this product, and off you go.

The product is enough to cover baby's legs up to the waist if you have a quick errand to do. We agree that this thing is very convenient since it has an opening for stroller buckles and car seats. According to some users, it is a must-have item for every mom's diaper bag.



Nancy Hanauer founded the Hop to Signaroo Class to help parents and adults to learn the sign language and better understand their children who need it. They offer different signing classes in Seattle for hearing families and their babies since 2000 with the help of experts. According to research, it improves the overall speech and language development of kids.

They have the in-home series, group workshops, public classes, one-on-one sessions and professional training to choose according to your preference and convenience. By joining the class, you will learn important signs under different categories and experience hands-on practice.



Nikki and Pamela were two good friends who share the same passion for designing and making clothes. They founded the Nini & Pumpkin blog site and created their first product which is the moon cocoon sleep sack. The product is suitable for babies six months up to three years old.

They are full-time moms and product designers as well thus; the moon cocoon is a combination of comfort, versatility, and safety that parents and their children will surely love. Sleep sacks are highly recommended by the American Pediatrics Association to prevent SIDS.



We would agree that every momma needs an extra pair of hands especially when no one else is around. Hence, the See Me Baby company is providing them the product that they want. Since babies are not comfortable with the traditional slings and pouches, they come up with a baby wrap that is a life saver.

The product is highly recommended so parents can attend to other house chores or quick errands while taking care of the baby. The item is modified according to different brands, and types of baby wrap across the globe.



It isn't your ordinary baby stroller. The Reichardt was inspired to create a baby gear that is unique and sturdy. Thus, they come up with the Bumbleride. The couple has living an active lifestyle and is always after adventures. They want to make sure that they have the gear that was built to perform even on rough roads and steep trails.

Likewise, they make sure that every item is safe, functional and durable that families can bring it on camps and outdoor trips. Bumbleride will allow you to enjoy and explore the nature with your babies or toddlers.



As much as possible, we want everything to be safe and secure when it comes to our children. Thus, most parents would want a nursery that offers these characteristics which Breathable Baby is offering. Founders, Susan and Dale Waters, feel the need for these products to reduce the risks of suffocation and SIDS among babies.

They conducted their research and didn’t found safe crib bumpers that would prevent their daughter from entangling before. Their blog site is now offering mesh crib liners, bedding sets, blankets and crib sheets.

Final Thought

Whether you are a working or a stay-at-home mom, we all wanted to ensure our children and family’s safety, comfort and health. Fortunately, there are tons of communities made by moms for moms! While most of them started as a personal blog page, the need for these kinds of sites is evident. Hence, the authors, founders and people behind these websites make sure that they continue growing with us and our families.

The resources above will greatly help each one of us in our parenting journey. These blog contents discuss a wide array of topics such as cooking tips, organic finds, entertainment stuff, pregnancy topics and safety measures for kids, fashion styles, enticing children’s activities and current events.

We know that there are days that we just can’t bear the children as if we are losing our sanity but hey! You got company. Things are quite difficult especially if you are a first-time parent who lacks knowledge about proper caring of the baby and raising a family. We are fortunate that internet is very accessible these days so we can always find someone to ask, talk to and share ideas and opinions.

Other issues such as postpartum depression, health care and monitoring your child’s milestones are also important. Thus, the sites mentioned above offer not just articles, how-to videos and tips but useful tools and mobile apps that we can use.

Sharing is caring so take a look at these websites and share them to your friends and families. Remember that it takes a village to raise a family so we are giving you not only a village but plenty of communities to help you explore parenthood.

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