Cyber Monday Baby: The Most Wonderful Shopping Day of the Year!

Perhaps, you are used to Cyber Monday; this is the most anticipated sales event every year. There are plenty of deals, discounted items and bargains almost everywhere. Hence, most moms love to shop due to Cyber Monday baby deals.

However, the current trend is disrupting the shopping scene by introducing Cyber Monday sales online ahead of the date. Thus, the birth of Cyber Monday Amazon. These days, it is no longer a one-day event as the sale starts way before Friday such as Green Monday and Thanksgiving Day.

Why the Term Cyber Monday?

According to some sources, the term might refer to the single day of the year when every company makes a profit or "into the black." however, the real reason behind it relates to financial crisis wherein the U.S gold market crash in September 1869.

In 2003, the term Cyber Monday Sales was used in online deals where retailers picked it up and become an internet term today. Since it is always the day after Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, this year's Cyber Monday will fall on November 27.

Why the Term Cyber Monday?

Loyal fans of Cyber Monday sale event would still opt to wait in lines for hours. They are willing to fight the crowd and pull an all-nighter with a game plan. We call them the traditional fans who don't want to break their "tradition."

However, most of us would agree that incorporating the power of the internet in getting the most impressive deals during this event is a beautiful idea. Mind you; the competition is stiff in this one. Hence, most retailers and companies tend to launch sales ahead of the big day.

However, most of us would agree that incorporating the power of the internet in getting the most impressive deals during this event is a beautiful idea. Mind you; the competition is stiff in this one. Hence, most retailers and companies tend to launch sales ahead of the big day.

There are other advantages of shopping online:

You can access various items from various manufacturers or retailers at the same time. Most offline shops would run out of products while online stores are less likely to post "limited quantities." Likewise, some stores offer "online only" deals which are not available in their physical stores.

Those who have dollar coupons can access every item in a web store. One can take advantage of an already discounted item and receive an additional percentage off once they enter a promo code. So that would mean huge savings on your part!

You can apply this tip when purchasing baby furniture. Doing it in a physical store would be difficult since you need to be quick to grab the furniture that you want or else, other buyers will get it.



Travel Beds

Co-Sleeping Cribs & Cradles

Likewise, you can load the website or refresh the store that you are interested. For instance, you can visit and shop at web stores of Amazon, Target, and Walmart all at once. It will enable you to find the right deal that you wanted with just a click.

Aside from toy gift sets, you can also find bargains and huge deals with baby high chair, bath toys, car seats and baby strollers

Toy Gift Sets

Activity Play Centers

Bath Toys

Car Seat & Stroller Toys

Clothes, feeding bottles and baby shoes are also on sale.



Baby shoes

Buying a baby gear such as baby swing set, a baby car seat or a baby stroller in a store on a Cyber Monday means dealing with a bunch of doorbusters. Hence, one cannot really have the chance to inspect the product and read its manual and labels. Unlike with doing it online, it will be easier for you to find a specific model or brand and look for the item with the lowest to the highest price according to your budget.

Deals in Car Seats

Deals in Strollers

Deals in Highchairs

Most moms agree that it is not worth fighting crowds just to get discounts especially if these items can be brought online. Thus, shopping online is safe and convenient compared when you shop in-store on Cyber Monday.

Plus, you will get to enjoy shopping for health and safety products for baby when you do it online instead of going out. You can also be sure of the quality of the items.

For busy moms like us, there is nothing more efficient than shopping baby needs online. No more dealing with pushy salespeople, crowded stores, messy lines, parking problems, long traffic and other issues related with shopping in person. Likewise, you no longer have to bring the kids to buy with you so they can choose whatever they want.

One just needs to create an online store account and the product in their virtual shopping cart and checkout. Those who still want to get more information about the items can just research online and look for product reviews. Look for things with the most number of 5 stars and positive feedback.

There are also specifications and other technical information included online which are not always available offline.

What to Expect When Buying Baby Stuff

From beauty finds, gadgets, home appliances, to car accessories. One can find endless deals once Thanksgiving Day arrives. Most of all, baby products will be sold at discounted rates like retailers do every year. However, not all the sale items are must-haves.

If you need some new baby items and gear, you should take note of the specifications and other relevant details of it. Fortunately, no more shopping with tots in tow as you can take advantage of weekend deals and other shopping options using your PC or smartphone.

According to a survey, 74% of online shoppers opt to spend the Cyber Monday event online. To give new parents and first-time online shoppers a heads-up, we gather some of the most common scenes during this time of the year.

  • Retailers and web stores are expected to offer various deal including baby products at a specific time. For instance, strollers can go on s​​ale for one hour only. It will allow you to get different deals compared to those doorbusters.
  • According to reports, the staple items for babies and toddlers include strollers, car seats, and high chairs thus; they remain consistent with their price drop.
  • Retailers also believe that toys are always the focus of most gift-givers and parents. So might as well don’t focus your list on this item as your baby could probably receive them.
  • Some retailers offer a good majority of these discounted products online the day before you can buy it in a store, so chances are, you too should stay up late. Well, at least you are in the comfort of your home and just browsing the online catalog.
  • Most of the time, Cyber Monday sales tend to have a repeat days before Christmas. Some even have bonus perks such as additional coupon codes and free shipping fee.
  • Take your time and have a price-match check since different web stores offer different types of discounts.

Don’t Buy These Things

Babies tend to grow fast by the day, so we do not recommend that you stockpile on every baby things on sale especially clothes. If you have a baby registry, always keep your shopping in check and wait until after the baby shower. Friends and family members will undoubtedly give items such as baby clothes and gears.

You don't also need to purchase multiple items such as strollers and car boosters. You can snag a good deal during Cyber Monday but only buy one. Other items such as changing table, cribs, and high chair are space suckers so make sure that you can accommodate these things before hitting the checkout button.

The thought of saving a bundle and getting all the precious things that we see online at a discounted rate seems perfect. However, some of this stuff is not necessary for raising a baby. Limit the pre-baby purchases until you actually need them. Same goes for feeding bottles.

Diapers are common as well during Cyber Monday sales. Although it is okay to stockpile nappies, do not to stock too many small sizes of it. Your child will outgrow them before you know it. Also, if you can't a resist a sale summer dress from Carter's, make sure to order a larger size so your little girl can still wear that dress once summer is here.

Not all of these products are created with the same quality so regardless if they are on sale, make sure only to buy gears like a baby swing set, baby stroller and baby car seat that are safe and up to standard. The items should pass safety tests and should offer utmost comfort for your baby.

Indeed, Cyber Monday are fantastic whether you spend it online or in-store. Still, nothing beats the convenience and efficiency that we can experience when we go for web stores and use the power of technology.

However, keep in mind that newborn and toddlers don't really need plenty of things other than essential clothing, wipes, diapers, and sleep. Another important thing is, the offers and deals will differ according to trends. It will help if you keep yourself updated with different store's sale schedules.

Plan Your Cyber Monday Ahead

It is one of the highly anticipated days of the year so you better plan the things you would like to buy and how are you going to get hold of the best deals. Make use of the coupons wisely!

We hope you like our list. There are also app trackers that will notify you when Cyber Monday sale is coming. Any comments? Post them here.

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