Awesome Balance Bikes for Cyber Monday

You might be looking for the right gift for your toddlers or older children, so we thought of having a short list of Cyber Monday balance kids! Your little rider will surely enjoy biking around and making friends with other kids. Likewise, balance bikes can help them build confidence, improve their coordination and enforce independence. It offers additional benefits for youngsters.

Balance bikes are ideal to use until they can launch a pedal bike. Since Cyber Monday is just around the corner, searching and gathering information on balance bikes should be part of your plan. You can snag more magnificent deals and enjoy huge savings.

It comes with various features and options. Others have adjustable seats and top-notch components. Thus, we gather eight balance bikes that you can consider. These items have positive reviews online and have gained popularity among users because of their convenience and ease of use.

Some balance bikes cannot accommodate bigger kids. Thus, the Strider 12 Sports Balance model is the ideal bike for them. Its creative and functional design helps the kids boost their confidence and improve their riding experience.

The product is easy to maintain as it has a patented steel frame and foam tires that provide better traction and never go flat. Likewise, it comes with adjustable handlebar height and adjustable seat that you can work on without any tools. Parents also love ts full padded seat and footrests. The mini grips are ideal for the kids' tiny hands.

It is also very light with a design that provides a full control that even little kids can easily maneuver the Strider -12 Sports Balance Bike. According to some parents, Strider bikes are best to use because of their well-designed geometry where kids have enough room to extend their legs and run.

The balance bike that looks like a real bike is the Chicco Red Bullet Training Bike! Kids 3-4 years old can experience riding an actual-bike only minus the chains and pedals. It is a stable rider that offers various features such as minimalist design, padded seat and handlebar, puncture-resistant foam tires and adjustable seat.

The foam tires have lower drag resistance than inflatable tires which make it robust yet, less weighty. We can be sure that our kids will comfortably ride even on rough surfaces using this bike. This model is also quite affordable compared to other balance bikes. However, don't worry, the Chicco Red Balance Bike is durable and is made of quality materials.

The adjustable features will prevent you from buying another bike next year if your child is still not ready to move on to a traditional bike.

Another no-pedal training balance bike is the Cruzee Ultralite. It will help them learn how to balance and prepare them to transition to a real bicycle. It has a fully adjustable seat over 20cm, adjustable handlebar, integrated footrests, rust-free anodized aluminum frame and a lifetime warranty!

We can say that the Cruzee Ultralite is a well-designed balance bike with its ample design between the seat post and the handlebar. It also has rubber foam tires which provide cushioning and traction on paved surfaces.

It is one of the lightest balance bikes according to reviews, making it more comfy for little riders to use. Hence, this item is suitable for kids age 18 months to 5 years old. Parents also like that the bike is adjustable without any tools required.

The bike that has a unique foot to floor design, the Schwinn Balance Bike, 12-inch is one comfy bike for kids age 3-6 years old. Its adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars make it easier for them to learn balance and control while enjoying the ride even in an atmospheric pressure with its aerodynamic design.

The rust-proof frame is free from toxic materials. Thus, it is one safe option for the kids. With its pneumatic tires, they can have a smooth ride even on uneven surfaces. The treads mostly resemble the adult sized bike so they will surely go a long way.

The product offers excellent value for money, easy to assemble and use and is made of long-lasting components so you will not need a replacement anytime soon. Sturdy yet, lightweight, the Schwinn Bike is also equipped with the best of seating comfort.

This one is an ideal starter for tots 18 months old up to 3 years old. It is compact and light, making it the perfect partner for newbies on the road. Allow your child to learn to balance, control and steer using the Strider Classic Balance Bike.

Other features include puncture-proof tires made of EVA polymer, custom grips, built-in footrests, padded saddle, durable steel frame, adjustable seat and handlebar and upgrade options like foot break is designed to accommodate little kids with its petite frame size and lower seat height. Moreover, Strider bikes do not have turning limiter and have regular bearings.

The Strider Sport is sure to grow with your toddler. Using this bike during their early years will help them transition to a two-wheeler without a fuss. For older and taller children, you can also go for its other models, the Strider Sport and Strider Pro.

Another excellent option is the Glide Bikes Kids Mini Glider. It is specially designed for kids ages 2-5 years old. It has EVA tires, removable foot pegs, quick-release seat clamp, integrated kickstand and rear brakes. There are times that your kids will be training on an uneven terrain and bumpy surfaces. The Go Glider is the perfect solution because its tires are designed to ensure a smooth ride.

The tread design gives maximum traction to ensure safety biking even on wet roads. The patented slow speed geometry component will help in keeping the little bikers from speeding out of control such as when using it for downhill exploration. It reduces the speed to a safer level.

The Glide Bikes Kids Mini Glider is economical as it grows with the child and can be used by multiple kids. We can be sure that it is safe to use and offers excellent control.

The No-Pedal Balance Bike from Critical Cycles has continuously been featured in various lists of the best bikes for three years old. It is made of sturdy powder-coated steel frame, adjustable seat and handlebars, built-in footrests and airless and flat-free tires.

The 12-inch tires are maintenance free and can adapt to almost every kind of terrain so it will not quickly pop and deflate. Moreover, this balance bike can help your kids improve their balance and coordination with its foot-to-floor and step-thru frame pattern. It can fit children from 20 months old to 5 years old.

We like that the manufacturer uses a high-tensile steel which is known for its durability and longevity. Hence, we can be sure that the bike will be rust free and almost indestructible. The children's climb and run will be worry-free for parents like us.


Getting the perfect balance bike for your child does not have to be difficult. In this selection, we choose the Strider 12 Sports Balance Bike. We love the fact that it can accommodate kids from 18 months old to 5 years of age. That means economic and more savings for us, moms and dads!

It also offers the same features that most bikes on the list have but, this one seems to compile those elements and rolled it into one balance bike. The design is also suitable so users can have plenty of room to operate and maneuver.

We hope you can choose which of these bikes are perfect for your children. Happy shopping moms!

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