How Long Do Babies Wear Newborn Diapers?

Having a baby in the house will require you to stock up diapers whether it's cloth diaper or commercial nappies. However, buying several boxes of newborn diapers might not be practical since babies tend to grow fast. Before you know it, your child will need the diaper that is one size larger.

To save you from such disappointing scene, below are some pointers to remember so you can quickly estimate how long does your newborn child will wear size one diaper.

The Basics of Diaper-Wearing

Exactly how long will a newborn baby need a newborn diaper depends. First, you must choose the type of diaper to use. It is entirely based on your personal preference. You can either go for disposable nappies or eco-disposable nappies. Both has advantages and disadvantages so check them first.

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After choosing the brand and type, understand that most newborn diapers can accommodate babies weighing from 10-12 pounds. Some of which have overlapping ranges to ensure better fit or "larger" children.


Since they tend to grow faster during their first couple of months, assume that they will need newborn nappies until they are two months old. Again, it should depend on the following factors.


We know that they are all unique. Some newborns can only weigh two pounds especially the premature babies while others can weigh as heavy as ten pounds. The average weight for infants based on the report of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is less than eight pounds.

Babies at one and a half month typically weigh 10 lbs, and by this time, most of them are ready to move on to a larger size of the diaper. The rest can go on when they reach their third month.

  • PREMATURE BABIES - it refers to those who were born before the 37th week of their mother’s pregnancy. In general, they have lower weights and may not even fit a newborn nappy. It will take them several weeks to a couple of months to do so. After which, they can use it up to their third month, depending on how fast they can gain weight.
  • HUGE BABIES - perhaps you know someone who gave birth to healthy eight pounds boy or girl, some babies can even weigh up to 10 lbs. While they can fit a newborn diaper, they may only use it for a few days or a couple of weeks.

Some mommies find it easier to skip the diaper level one and move on to the next size, however, keep in mind that newborn nappies are specifically designed to leave room for the baby’s umbilical stump. The notch cut out will allow the stump to dry and heal properly.


Stockpiling while you are still pregnant will help you to significantly save on diapers and avoid running out once the baby is born. However, it is a common dilemma for a parent like us to figure out how many diaper packages of each size to purchase.


Thus, if it's your second or so on pregnancy, it is important that you keep track of your previous baby's diaper usage. If you are the first-time parent, consulting other moms will help. Chances are you will end up using a different amount, but at least, it will serve as your guideline.

I had a friend who did the same with her daughter who weighed seven pounds at birth. She brought a total of six packs of newborn disposable diapers which are around 215 pieces of diapers. But, it is a case-to-case basis.


Make sure to read the diaper size since some brands have the same packaging design for a couple of their product sizes. Likewise, compare the number of diapers between brands.

While the charts and guiding sizes in the grocery store or online significantly help, it is still better to look for telltale signs of awkward fit once the baby is wearing it.


If you notice red marks on your baby's skin or persistent leaks, consider moving on to the next size.


Likewise, if the diaper is riding up on your child or appears crooked, think about size adjustment. Make sure that the nappy covers all the vital spots like the baby's hips and backside to avoid leaks. Also, remember:

  • Not all the diaper brands and types will work for a newborn baby. Some might have sensitive skins and are susceptible to rashes.
  • Parents notice that as they go one size higher, the number of diapers per package goes down. The number of nappies needed by your baby also reduces as he or she grows older as he or she tends to potty train.
  • What will work for other families might not work for you so create a tailor-fit guide or diaper tracker.
  • Formula-fed babies tend to gain weight quickly compared to breastfed babies. Hence, it is a determinant whether you should buy several packages of newborn nappies or just have a couple of it.

Get the Perfect Fit

We tend to blame the diaper whenever there's a "blowout" or persistent leakage. However, it could be because we are allowing our children to wear the wrong size of nappies. The perfect size and fit is the general issue of changing baby's diaper brand.

Make sure to read the diaper size since some brands have the same packaging design for a couple of their product sizes. Likewise, compare the number of diapers between brands. Stockpiling should help you, not to stress you.

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